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Why Teen Healers?

Many adults now use “Energy medicine” or complementary therapies to help with the stress of life in the 21st century.

But young people also suffer from stress directly through for example divorce, family separation, financial hardship, bullying – including cyber-bullying - & physical, sexual or emotional abuse within & outside the home; or indirectly from constant exposure via the media to issues such as war, natural disasters, terrorism, violent crime & Swine ‘flu.

Teenage years have always been a turbulent time for  young people, but many believe that 21st century lifestyles are having detrimental effects on young people.

Sue Palmer reports in her excellent book Toxic Childhood: How the Modern World is Damaging our Children & What We Can Do About it:

 "Since the first publication of Toxic Childhood (2006) evidence of the damage that can be inflicted on children by a competitive, consumer-driven, screen-based lifestyle has continued to emerge."

This evidence includes statistics from the British Medical Association in 2006 showing that: "20% of children & adolescents could expect to suffer from mental health problems." 

Self-harming & suicide rates are alarming amongst teenagers: recent statistics show that -

 ·          One 10-19 year old  attempts suicide every 20 minutes (http://battlefront.co.uk/campaign/teenage-suicide/?video=19773 June 2009)

Obesity, alcohol & drug misuse, teenage pregnancy & behavioural disorders are also a cause for concern.

Many adults now find that so-called "Energy medicine" can provide a dynamic tool for self-empowerment, encouraging us to take active responsibility for our own health.

So why wait until adulthood before exploring natural therapies & promoting positive health choices?

Teen healers is designed to empower young people in self-healing, taking responsibility for life style choices & respecting themselves & others.

Young people will learn how energy in & around us can affect our health & happiness. They will also find out how they can challenge fear & negativity through awareness of the "universal law of attraction:” i.e.

Like attracts like.

So basically, if we think & act positively, we will attract positive & energising people & experiences to us; if we are negative, we create negative energy around us & feel unhappy / lack energy.

Meditation & relaxation are valuable tools for reducing stress. Teen Healers will experience how to create a “safe-space” where they can feel free to relax & chill out.  

Teen Healers can make their own “Safe Sax” – i.e. colourful blanket sacks with pillow in which to feel safe, relax & chill out during meditation & the course generally if they wish! They get to keep these plus information & other goodies on all full courses.

TEEN HEALERS will also be able to ask about treatments or training in complementary therapies. Training in Reiki healing is available with Maggie for those wishing to deepen their experience, for personal growth or even as a potential career choice.

 Should any students wish to explore different therapies – please ask Maggie who may be able to refer to other fully qualified therapists for further information or training.