Why Teen Healers?






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Teen healers is an exciting new project aimed at introducing young people aged 13-19 to “energy living”. Courses are available for individual students or groups.

On Teen Healers courses, young people will experience:   

  • Energy therapies: what they feel like & how they work e.g. Indian head massage, reflexology & Reiki. 
  • An innovative & refreshingly “different-take” on how to make positive life choices for physical & emotional health
  • A wide variety of fun, practical activities such as creative art, healthy food-tasting, laughter, movement, music, positive affirmations, sound healing, stories, educational DVD’s, to boost knowledge, confidence & self-esteem in a safe, nurturing space.
  • Valuable skills such as meditation, relaxation & guided visualisation to manage stress & restore balance!


Choose from a variety of courses to suit your needs

We can provide innovative, fun & educational classes, workshops & courses specifically tailored to your needs.

* During school hours                                                                   * After school                                                                                * Saturdays                                                                                   * Half-terms                                                                                  * School holidays.

Choose from set courses of 6 to12 weeks, or a variety of     1-2 hour modules that you can select from & combine to build your own programme of learning. Specific requests can be accommodated.

Some examples of course modules are listed below.

Common Sense: how to really use all our senses - sight, smell, taste, hearing  & touch, plus our “sixth sense” or intuition – to make healthy life choices. Includes aromatherapy, Indian head massage, reflexology & Reiki taster treatments. Relax!

Taste& Good energy food: health & nutrition from an energy perspective. Much more than just the usual advice about fat & sugar - with scrummy samples! 1hour

Smell & touch: find out how smell & touch can be used to calm & relax you. Taster treatments for those who want to try aromatherapy, Indian head massage, Reflexology & Reiki. 1 - 2 hours (dependant on numbers.)

Chilling Out: creating a safe space, using meditation, movement, music & guided visualisation to relax & cope with stress, whatever the cause. You even make & get to keep your own personal "Safe Sax" (meditation blanket & pillow) on full courses! 1-2hours - dependant on if making own "Safe Sax".                    

Teen Healers can be run in schools, colleges, sixth forms, or most other settings where young people gather. Courses aim to address the "Every Child Matters" agenda & to complement Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) & The National Healthy Schools Programme.

Small groups of 6 to 12 are generally preferred but larger groups can be accommodated.

School's Out

Teen healers courses are available for individual students or groups as an independent venture. Individual rates are available; special rates may apply for larger groups.